Facing the mess, what's our leverage?

With Climate crisis, humanity faces an existential threat. Coping with it is attached to a set of vast challenges. We witness and support systems, structures and decisions that rather drive us deeper into this mess than out. Again and again, we asked ourselves,  "Facing the mess, what's our leverage?". The honest answer is: "Hm, almost no clue!".

We intend to focus on this question for a while. In the open. In dialogue. In exchange. In the hope to find answers. Together. We start this learning journey not as experts, but as learners. You can subscribe to our newsletter "Weeds & Seeds" to stay in the loop:


Collapsing worldviews, companies as political actors, broadening the spectrum of voices, and climate futures action explorations.

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Facing the mess, what's our leverage?

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