Transformative and regenerative spaces for people shaping transformation

Spaces that are like dandelions

Our world is in deep transformations of various kinds.


We busy our brains with rational sense-making, campaigning, coordinating, planning, aligning, facilitating, or prototyping change.

Meanwhile, we forget to imagine other worlds, sense systems, simulate ideas, feel impacts, let go of the established, integrate experiences, and regenerate and breath often enough.

We are launching Dandelion Spaces to co-create encounters that we have been looking for ourselves.


We invite you to wild, untamed, annoying, beautiful, joyful, playful, light, sensitive, transformative, and regenerative explorations and experiences based on action methods. 

As single session or ongoing group. As community-/ team-building or exploration of a topic/ issue. To grow in knowledge and/ or capacity. Inhouse or with many and others. As enrichment to workshops and conferences.

In early fall 2021, we start with two Dandelion Spaces. They will both run in German. English offers, as well as other open sessions, will be available soon.

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facilitation masterclass

(Remote) Facilitation in action

Are you an experienced facilitator? Do you want to add action methods to your facilitation toolbox and make your (remote) workshops more lively? Do you dare to engage your participants emotionally and physically?

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Monthly supervision group

Transformation Circles

Are you shaping transformation in society, communities, organizations, or teams? Do you need a space to celebrate and consult with like-minds, sense and share your tensions and regenerate with peers? Do you dare go beyond talk and experience transformation and to make transformative experiences?

Then this monthly virtual supervision group of transformation workers of all kinds is for you.

Conference secret sauce

(Remote) Keynote in Action 

Whether it's a (virtual) conference or a large group - does your event once again have way too many talking heads, drained brains, and tired bodies? Are you looking for a session that offers playful, connecting, and intensive experiences? An event exploring the conference theme not only cognitively-rationally, but also emotionally-bodily? 


Well, let's talk then!

For teams, groups and communitys

(Remote) Community & Team Building

Your (virtual) community or your (remote) team has something to celebrate, or you want to have a good and bonding time together beyond productive result pressure? You want to explore a topic sensually and playfully?

Let's talk about it.


Dandelion Spaces is initiated by Joerg Jelden and Valentin Heyde of
Joerg and Valentin have accompanied transformation processes in communities, organizations, and teams for more than 15 years. They are pioneers in bringing action methods to the virtual world.


Dandelions will fly and multiply. The same applies to Dandelion Spaces and the team behind it. Please get in touch if you have an idea for a dandelion space.

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